Customised Pest Control for the Adelaide Area

Pest Control in Adelaide- Cockroaches

Who would of thought that behind your dishwasher or under your fridge lies a cockroach nest with 22 siblings and their 13 aunts and uncles and there 18 cousins and the 1 cockroach who actually ate the cockroach baiting gel that Customised Pest Control applied and is going to kill them all.

Revolutionary Cockroach Gel is applied to all cupboards and cracks and crevices that are common breeding sites. This hassle free bait has special pheromones that the cockroaches can't resist to eat. They take the poison back to their nest and pass it through the family! Gone are the days that you have to empty your cupboards for the pest man!

Cockroach control in Adelaide can be as affective for domestic homes as it is for our commercial clients such as restaurants, hotels and resorts, which means both homes and businesses can benefit from our trained professionals who specialise in controlling cockroach infestations.

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