Customised Pest Control for the Adelaide Area

Pest Control in Adelaide- Flea's

Ten fleas might not seem like a big threat at first. But in just 30 days they can reproduce and multiply their numbers up to 250,000. That's what we call a flea invasion!!

These blood sucking parasites are enough to make your skin crawl! Although they tend to feed off cats and dogs, they can sometimes bite humans out of desperation. Without a living thing to feast on, fleas cannot survive.

Flea control treatments start with the application of a low toxic synthetic pyrethroid insecticidal spray. Carpets, timber flooring and skirting boards need to be treated and sometimes external area such as subfloor, garden, lawns, verandas, patios, decks, garages, etc are treated as well.

Fleas are firstly controlled by shampooing your pet with a safe, residual insecticide. Your vet may have recommended a very safe insecticide called pyrethrin, but this will only last a day.

The shampoos we recommend contain "Permethrin", which are technically called a synthetic pyrethroid. They will last a lot longer and aren't as dangerous and smelly as are other Organo-phosphates such as Diazinon & Maldison.

Tip: Look at the active ingredients section at the front of the bottle or can. Always follow the application and safety directions on any flea pest control product.

We recommend that you shampoo your pets every 2 weeks in the summertime and about every month in winter

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