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Pest Control in Adelaide- Termite Baiting & Monitoring

exterra EXTERRA Interception and baiting system - Licensed installers

Installing Exterra Inground Stations around your home is an effective and proven method to intercept the foraging termites before they enter your home.

If you have concerns about installing chemicals in the ground next to your house, or the uniqueness of your home makes the installation of a chemical treatment unfeasible, then baiting is a great alternative. The Exterra Stations with the Focus attractant is the only baiting system that creates a complete termite interception zone around your home. CSIRO studies have shown that the larger the monitoring stations, the quicker any termites in your garden will find it, instead of your home.

Once you have chosen to have an Exterra Baiting System installed around your home, we'll come out on a regular basis to check each station. If we find termite activity in any of the stations, we fill them up with the special feeding matrix - Requiem. This is a highly desirable and palatable food source that termites find more desirable than timber. We will keep replenishing the Requiem until there are no more termites feeding on it. This means the colony that was foraging has been eliminated.

The use of the Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System will save your home from termites, and it will enable you to help save our endangered wildlife at the same time.

Exterra will make a donation when any system is installed, to Australian Wildlife Conservancy; money that will secure 22 acres of vital habitat for Australia's threatened wildlife.

Exterra - Secure Your Home & Their Future

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